Have a Collection or Chapbook You Want Reviewed?

Kind of a Hurricane Press has two editors on staff who are interested in reviewing your published poetry collections or chapbooks.  Please contact us regarding the project you wish to be reviewed at kindofahurricanepress@yahoo.com   Subject line:  Black & White Gets Read Query

Queries should include the following:

          -- The Title of the Collection or Chapbook
          -- The Author's Full Name and contact information
          -- The Publisher of the Collection
          -- The length of the collection or chapbook
          -- A brief description of the subject and/or style of the collection or chapbook
             (ex:  On Backward Wing is a collection of contemporary free-verse poetry
             inspired by the idea of fallen angels.)
          -- The form in which the collection or chapbook can be forwarded to our editors
              (i.e. print copy or electronic copy)
          -- Release date if collection or chapbook is not currently available for purchase
          -- Purchase information (i.e. links to sales sites) if the collection or chapbook is
              currently available for purchase

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